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Pilot! Snow White

Aww, little Ginnifer Goodwin!

Well, not THAT little. But anyone else watch the show Ed? I watched when it was airing and I LOVED it. It was one of my family's favorite shows that we watched weekly. However, after getting into OUAT, I realized that my favorite character on OUAT was one of my favorite characters on a show I used to love! Ed was Ginnifer Goodwin's first big break. The show was about a lawyer/bowling alley owner in a small town, and Ginnifer played Diane, a student at the high school and friend to Justin Long's Warren (before they worked together on He's Just Not That Into You!)

Unfortunately the show isn't on DVD (I heard it's not because of music rights :( ) but there are some clips on YouTube that might be fun for us Ginnifer fans!


I so need to watch this. she is just too adorable.
she so is! Edited it so that embedding works now. :) She's in the first clip starting at about three minutes in.
Thanks for sharing, that was fun to watch!