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Pilot! Snow White

Two Once Upon a Time Fanmixes

This is for the prompted bang for Once Upon a Time Land, and is the fills for So Brave, So Gallant, So Badass and This is Absurd.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: A Snow/Mary Margaret & Emma Fanmix
Note: Uh, this is all JPop. For the badass prompt. So it's a bit cracky as well XD



1. Tachiagare Otometachi - C-ute (song/lyrics)

“You’re not alone
I’m not alone”
I’ll scream it again and again
Until it reaches you

Stand up, girls
Stand up, girls

2. PUSH - Momoiro Clover Z (Song & Lyrics)
Hey, with taking a deep breath
Hey, with a soft touch of a finger
Hey, I have a button that makes a miracle

Become faster, become stronger, become more beautiful
If I push his button it's OK I'll never return as I was before

Jump higher, Jump longer, more more more more
It's a bit wistful for me
But it's alright I PUSH.

3. Headbanger - Babymetal (Song / Lyrics)

Her legendary black-hair shakes violently and beautifully
This flower blooms aggressively but will disappear soon
It will never come back again
After this short glimpse

4. Don't Think, Feel! - Idoling!!! (Song/Lyrics)

Change! The inerasable worries that fill your mind
The courage to take a step when it matters
Let’s change this world full of noise
With a true feeling in our hearts

Everyone’s got their own antenna in their heart
Tune it to your wishes for tomorrow! Stopping won’t get you anywhere!!

No matter where you look, there are no answers when it comes to dreams and love
So let’s start now, do it our way
Only our hearts know where we’re headed
So don’t think. Feel!!! All the time!
Start running!!!

5. Migi e Magare! - NMB48 (song/lyrics)

If you just dream
You'll lose
Even if you just calculate the odds
When you discover
Important things
What will you do?

Turn right!
While you run
Change direction
To a new lane!
Turn right!
While you run
Read the future
Of today's era
Believe in
Your intuition alone

6. Seishun no Serenade - Mano Erina  (Song/Lyrics)

Truth, in truth while everyone
Has been dazing-off since their childhood
Dream, they have a dream
Whose form has suddenly shown itself now

Though I want to stay under these floating clouds
Right here, let's clearly declare our future paths

7. Love Wars - Queen & Elizabeth  (Song/Lyrics)

This town is a battlefield every day
What I want to get is a Love so sweet
No matter how hard the battle gets Let's go Girls!
You're the Boyfriend I've decided on
Someday in the evenings, Hold my hand
If it's for love, I definitely won't lose
If it's for love, I'll put a special effort into it
Jump right into the Love Wars

8.Moretsu Uchuu Kokyokyoku Dai 7 Gakusho 'Mugen no Ai' - Momoiro Clover Z (Song&lyrics)

Wherever you are in this universe (wherever you are)
I will find you (I can believe)
I light up darkness (hope this light reaches)
with the yellow shine of Centaur (yes, it glitters)
At the edge of the galaxy (I could see you)
This miracle is consequential (I can fly!)
No mater how far you are (I believe)
I will keep on loving you!

Once Upon a Cracky Japanese Pop Soundtrack
Note: The songs that are noted are for specific characters, the others are for the whole series. Um. This is kind of REALLY cracky stuff.



Cafe Buono - Buono! (Song/Lyrics) (Ruby/Red)

Ciao! Hey, do you know about it? If you turn that corner there,
there's a cafe that everyone in the class has been talking about
Ciao! Please, right this way; the shop girl is
me, the cutest girl in town

Pinocchio Gun - SKE48  (Song/Lyrics) (August/Pinocchio)

If its Pinocchio you don't have to worry
If it's Pinocchio you don't have to be anxious
If it's Pinocchio you don't have to be shy
God gave us this
When the nose grows big let's run without bumping into each other
When the nose grows big let's go
when the nose grows big let's enjoy
Now is the best time

Min Min Min - SDN48 (Song/Lyrics) (Jiminy/Archie)
Note: Yes this song is literally using the word "chirp." Like a cricket.

I, chirp chirp
Love, chirp chirp chirp
Yeah I, chirp chirp
Still want, chirp chirp chirp
You to forgive me
Even if
Our season is gone
I’ll be crying here forever
Like a cicada..

Ringo Satsujinjiken - Morning Musume (Song/Lyrics)

Ah, it’s sad, it’s sad
There was an apple on the ground at the scene of the crime
With tooth marks where someone had crunched on it
Even the best cops in Investigation Department 1
And the ID officers were scratching their heads
A bright red apple hanging in the mist
The murder case gets more and more mysterious
Ah, the detective appears, smoking a pipe
Crunch crunch, crunch crunch
A man and a woman’s tangled love

Koi no Mahou wa Habibi no Bi - Kusumi Koharu (song/lyrics)

With all my love, the bi in habibi
The magic of love, ai ai ai ai ai, darling
With all my love, the bi in habibi
The magic of love, ai ai ai ai ai

Kurukurupaa!! -AKB48 (Song/Lyrics)  (Rumpelstiltskin)

With a bit of craziness,
Let’s make some noise, everybody
Forget all of
The bad things!
With a bit of craziness,
All together
Toss away the hard things
Into the gutter
Looking blank,
I’m an obvious fool
This feeling
Is my spiraling declaration

Little Princess Pri! - Lilpri (Song/Lyrics)

My favorite apple pie
I don't want to get chubby but, I can't stop ><
I forgot to put on my glass slipper
And was left behind by my pumpkin carriage orz

I was entranced by the full moon
Suddenly it starts to pour TT
If we combine our powers
We can turn things around

There is always a big dream within my heart★
So look forward and draw out a miraclel

Purple Wind - Morning Musume (Song/Lyrics)

This wide sky
May be on the plain side when I’m at work
But now the waves splash up
Onto my bikini and boating parka
The purple wind