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Dec. 9th, 2011

Pilot! Snow White

Writer's Block: Starstruck

At a convention I met/spoke with Paul Cornell, who wrote three episodes of Doctor Who (Father's Day, Human Nature, The Family of Blood), the latter two are my favorite episode. I was REALLY shy, went up to him, and told him that Human Nature/Family of Blood made me cry and that they were my favorites. He seemed legitimately REALLY touched, and was a really nice/funny guy. Super fun experience!

Other than that, Garrison Keillor used to go to the church I used to go to. And his daughter went to school with my sister, and my sister and my mom went to his house. 

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Dec. 2nd, 2011

Pilot! Snow White

Random OUAT thoughts...

- I seriously ship Regina/Emma now. Oops. 

- The fact that the first five episodes are so amazing is unbelievable; usually it takes a while for a show to get going and have those perfect episodes, but That Still Small Voice and Snow Falls are already two of my favorite TV episodes. Also, the fact that after only five episodes the fandom is so big and expansive.

-Speaking of fandom, I think this is one of the most fun fandoms I've ever been in, and easily one of the best! Other than the brief Graham/Regina freak out fest, I haven't seen much hate in this fandom. The fans are lovely, the show is lovely, the cast/crew are lovely. Everything about this fandom is amazing!

- I haven't felt this inspired to write fic and draw for a fandom for a long time. 

-I'm just really happy in this fandom!!

Jul. 11th, 2011

Pilot! Snow White

(no subject)

New Community I joined!


A Land comm for all things Harry Potter. Apply here to join one of the four house teams and participate in challenges.

Jun. 14th, 2011

Pilot! Snow White

Meeting Halfway

 For the Hurt/Comfort, arguments, apologies and New Years prompts

The Doctor was standing at the console, attempting to decide on whether he should pilot the TARDIS back or forward in time (saying hello to Jane Austen might be fun) when Rose walked in, still in her pink flannel pajamas. The Doctor looked over at her, and while he was a bit surprised at seeing her so dressed down, he thought little of it before he got back to driving the TARDIS. "Rose, what are you still doing in your jim-jams? We've got places to go, people to see! You fancy meeting Jane Austen? I've heard lovely things, and I adore all of her books, even the unfinished ones."

Rose looked up at the tall alien in a pinstriped suit, eyes blurry and heavy. "Actually, Doctor, I was wondering if we could take the TARDIS and go home instead; I'd like to have some of the tea my mum made for me all through my childhood."

The Doctor turned back to Rose, eyes widened and a frown on his face. "Oh no, no, no, no. I know things were all comfortable the last time we went home, Christmas and all that, but Christmas is the season of forgiveness and I think that's the one reason Jackie didn't slap me."

"It could be because you were in bed half the time, sick from your regeneration," Rose interjected, rummaging through her pockets for a tissue.

"That too! I don't have  that as an excuse now, either. I'm fit as a fiddle, don't need your tender care to nurse my wounds. There, there's nothing that would stop Jackie from slapping me. I know I'm less grumpy than my old body, but I still don't care for the domestic type. There's a reason we don't cart your mother around."

"Doctor!" Rose exclaimed, before coughing heavily, unable to continue speaking.

 The Doctor looked over in concern, unused to seeing Rose so indisposed. "Rose, are you all right?"

"Of course I'm not all right!" Rose said in a higher pitched voice, that would surely have come out a shout if her throat wasn't so sore. "I'm bloody sick, and all you can talk about is how much you want to avoid my home and want domesticity."

"Well, I don't! The two of us are doing just fine on our own, we don't need any nagging mother or idiot boyfriend to hold us back."

Rose finally walked further into the console room, to sit down on one of the well-used seats, to support her newly weakened body. "I'm not asking you to give up your way of life, Doctor. I know you won't, and I know you wouldn't for me. But why the hell can't you just meet me halfway with this, for once!"

The Doctor turned to look at her, angry but not still trying to hold back the Oncoming Storm nature of his personality. "I meet you halfway plenty of times! Who wanted to go to late 17th century Versailles, even though I told you that it was too kitsch and that we'd be better off not bothering?"

Rose sighed loudly, and looked up at him, clearly not afraid of any of the Doctor. "This isn' about time travel or nothing like that; It's about respect. I know you don't love my mother, and I don't blame you; but I'm 20 years old, and there are some times I need my mother."

The Doctor was unable to get a word in edgewise before Rose continued , "I'm bloody sick as a dog, and the one thing that I know makes me feel a bit better is sitting at home with a cuppa in my pajamas with someone who cares. And since we have the TARDIS  I thought that might be a possibility."

The Doctor stood up straighter with a huff, the frown growing deeper. "Hey!" he exclaimed "I care." 

Rose looked up, frowning even more. "Do you, Doctor? You didn't even notice that I was sick, and you're so opposed to even stepping foot on the Estate that you don't even care about how sick I am." 

Rose coughed even more and, with a glare, left the room to go head for her room again. 

The Doctor turned back to the console, moving fingers through his untamed hair, wondering how he had managed to mess things up so badly.


The  Doctor stared at Rose's shut door, wondering how to do this. First, the logistics were all off; his hands were full, and even though he had his Time Lord genetics to make him much more advanced than the humans he looked like, full hands was not a problem that Time Lord genetics had found a fix for. Secondly, he wasn't sure that Rose would want to see him with the way that she huffed off, though he couldn't blame her. The Doctor never quite got why Rose was so attached to Jackie; the woman was her biological mother, yes, and had raised her to adulthood (he also didn't get how a woman like Jackie could raise such a wonderful girl like Rose; it was simply a quandry). However, Time Lords weren't raised in such close family units like humans were, so he supposed that things were different. Were he human, he knew that being closer to his granddaughter Susan than his actual children would be an anomaly.
The Doctor stood, pondering the nature of human and Time Lord familial bonds when the door opened slightly, to the face of Rose Tyler, eyes still blurry and half shut. "What do you want?" She asked, "I'm trying to get some rest as best I can here," emphasizing the word here, "So that I can be less of a burden."
"I never said that!" The Doctor exclaimed before remembering the purpose of his trip to Rose's room. "Rose, can I come in? I promise not to be too terrible."
Rose raised a single eyebrow. "Wow, what a way to greet someone. Not too terrible?"

The Doctor sighed, a moment when he'd normally ruffle his hair. "Rose, I'm not too great with apologies, so my word choices might be less than conventional, but I'd really like to come in and talk a little."

Rose exhaled a loud breath before opening the door to her room on the TARDIS open. "Come in," she said. "I can never deny you anything," she muttered under her breath. 
The Doctor waltzed in, and took a seat next to Rose on the bed. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, he went "Well, right, first things first." He held out both of his hands to her. "Now, I know you said you like a cup of tea when you're feeling under the weather, so I made one for you just the way you like, with the right amount of milk and sugar." She took the cup of tea and inhaled the steam and the scent of hot tea. She took a small sip and relished in the way it moved down her throat, soothing her sore throat. She looked back at him, and noticed his other full hand.
"Well, as you're already aware, Time Lord and human genetics are very, very, very different. You know, two hearts, regeneration, all of that good stuff. And even though I had a bad regeneration last time and I felt off for a while, I had to sleep it off. And since I'm the last of my kind, transmission of illnesses is a bit trickier, because things have to be compatible and things so rarely are with a Time Lord body. But back on Gallifrey, when there were more of me, weeell, more Time Lords, I had a traditional Gallifreyan beverage that I used to consume. However, since the Time War, there's no way that I can get that to you. So, I had to make do with a banana smoothie, which I think should be good to making anyone feel better."
Rose also took this drink, and drank down the cooling banana and ice cream mixture that also did wonders in soothing her sore throat. 
The Doctor, hands now empty, was able to look down at his lap and rub his fingers through his hair. "Oh Rose, I've never been good at this. At communicating, especially to humans, things like this. Amongst Time Lords we use our telepathy to not tell someone how we feel but show them, so that they may experience it for themselves. There are so many differences between Time Lords and humans, and even though I know this for a fact and I've been friends with humans for years and years and years, there are times that I do forget how different our lives really are."

"Is that an apology, then?" Rose croaked out, still taking sips of the smoothie. 

The Doctor nodded. "I am sorry, Rose. I do know that your mother, in all her Jackie glory, is still really important to you and that you deserve to have normalcy, and have your human life. Everything that I knew, before I met humans, was much more disconnected. When I was a parent I hardly knew my own children. Society raised them, mainly, and I was hardly there. I only became really aware of my parenthood when I spent more time with my granddaughter, Susan. Even then, I don't know if I've ever really got it, before. Time Lords, even with their superior bodies and intellect, can still be difficult, and wrong. I should know; I never quite fit very well into Time Lord society, and took the TARDIS and went away out of rebellion, more than anything."

Rose looked on, both surprised and a bit happy, to be seeing this rare side of the Doctor. 
"I know that I'm the cause of their destruction, Rose, but that's almost the worst of it. I destroyed them, even though I wasn't fully one of them." The Doctor put his head in his hands. 
Rose set down her smoothie and put her arms around him in a sideways hug. "It wasn't your fault," she said, "You made a choice, and saved so many people who might have been destroyed in the process. You did good, Doctor." 

They sat in comfortable silence before Rose said, quietly. "I'm sorry, too. I overreacted. I think I need to be here, with you, on the TARDIS more than I need to be with my Mum."
Over the next few days The Doctor brought banana smoothies to Rose's room, occasionally  interrupted with a cup of tea. Slowly, Rose made it past her cold and was ready to go. 

The Doctor was working at the console when Rose walked in the room, pink hoodie and jeans on.

"Ah!" The Doctor exclaimed, moving towards her. "How's our patient doing?"

"Better, thanks. Thanks to you."

The Doctor smiled a wide toothy grin. "So, are you ready for more adventure?" he faltered, a bit. "Or would you want to go back home, quickly; I understand if you would."

Rose shook her head, smiling widely. "I'm fine now, thanks. Where I need to be is here and now, on this TARDIS." 
The Doctor grinned wider, and moved back to the TARDIS console. "So, do you want to try Jane Austen now? I bet she will be lovely, and maybe if we're good we can get some characters written after us in her books. Who knows who we could inspire!"
Rose smiled, and looked at him. "Sure." She paused. "You know, not this New Years but the last, when I was walking around I saw a man. He told me something that night, something magnificent. He told me that I  would have a fantastic year, and you know something? I really have. It was true!"

"Well, good for him, telling his fortunes right!" The Doctor moved across, pushing buttons and pulling levers, when Rose stepped back, thought for a moment, then shook her head, bracing herself for more adventures with The Doctor. Everything was, as it should be, wonderful.
Pilot! Snow White


 Doctor Who related vignettes relating to 'Dark'

Ever since he had looked into the dark of the Untempered Schism, all he knew was darkness.
According to everyone he had ever spoken to, the time vortex brought about a variety of things in the maturing time lord, but the one thing that was consistent amongst all the stories he heard before he looked into the schism was that it was light. 
All he saw was darkness, swirling into terrifying patterns and shapes. He was only allowed a brief glimpse and he wasn't allowed to take the vortex inside of him (that would, he was told, end in disasterous results). However, after what he saw, he had no desire to fall deeper and deeper into this dark abyss, the time vortex.

Yet as he stepped away the sounds that had carried through his ears throughout the ordeal, the sound of the drums, did not end. He knew he had not absorbed the time vortex into himself, yet the drums kept going at a beat of tap tap tap tap, beating loudly in his ears. Through the years, he never attempted to look in the time vortex again, or ever seek out this darkness. However, it had sought him out, and the tap tapping made him see the darkness before him, all around him. Light lost its power and darkness prevailed, in his senses and spirit. 
Before long the darkness had consumed the one known as The Master; the name itself was ironic, for it was not te Master that took control of the darkness; it was the darkness that had control of The Master.

The hallways of the unused portions of the TARDIS were dark, as were the old console rooms.  The Doctor occasionally thought to look around the old console rooms, for memory sake. The rooms where he knew Rose, Martha, Sarah Jane, Romana, Ian, Barbara and a large company of friends that he had grown close friendships with. He would occasionally roam the TARDIS, particularly when his companion was asleep, and just feel the atmosphere of the rooms, of the old friends that he saw no more. 
It was often difficult to see, and he relied on the faint light of his sonic screwdriver to help find the way. Along the way to the console rooms were hallways and hallways of door signs with chipped paint, announcing to the world that Tegan had lived there, that Ace had lived there, that Donna had lived there. But beyond the rooms were the real stuff of memories, old rooms that had held the heart of the TARDIS but were forgotten or used.
These rooms couldn't be used anymore and were essentially useless. Nothing really could be made of them, other than the occasional visit place for The Doctor late at night when he grew bored of the dreadful hours in which his companion slept and dreamt and he remained awake and alert. They were useless, and if the TARDIS had any sense of utilitarianism she would just get rid of them, reabsorb the rooms in the process only a living ship could do. Yet, these dark rooms contained preserved memories, things that both The Doctor and the TARDIS wanted to last. 
Pilot! Snow White

Hate- A Doctor Who Fanfic

 The Doctor hated himself, sometimes.

He didn't want to show it; with his companions by his side he would often, unless under serious emotional duress, hide his emotions through crazy hats, eccentricities and a lust for adventure and for life, all sentiments that he truly loved and all things that he really quite loved. The Doctor never hated adventure and he never would, which was part of what made it such an excellent escape tactic. If ever things got too difficult to handle or too emotional, hey, let's just shuffle off and find out what happened in 35th century New York, it must be splendid at that time. 

However, when alone, occasionally he felt overwhelmed with emotion. He felt uncontrollable guilt for the Time War, quite often. What had happened was as inevitable wars got, with the daleks threatening the time lords and vice versa. He had been the only one to escape the time war (well, except a few of the daleks and, unfortunately, The Master). He had caused the destruction of his own planet and people, a deed so devastating that he never thought his hands could be clean of the blood of his people that flowed over it. 
Through his travels The Doctor had done terrible things, things that he could never truly forgive himself for. He hated himself for kidnapping Ian and Barbara, taking merely curious schoolteachers on a journey against their will. He hated himself for Rory, the man who kept on dying. He hated himself for Amy, for the little girl whose dreams he crushed in one fell swoop. He loved each and one of his companions; they all had wonderful qualities and he felt sorry for every time he dragged them into some scrape or another. They would often assure him that it wasn't his fault, and that they chose to travel with him, but who could choose to live like this? Constantly in danger, a few short steps away from death's doorstep. He promised all of them a life of fun and adventure and instead they ended up with nothing but danger and peril.
It was often assumed that The Doctor loved himself. This was true, to a small extent. He knew what he was and that was absolutely and  unequivicably brilliant. The reason that so many of his companions had lived instead of dying in their first go around in the TARDIS was mainly because of his intellect and resourcefulness, to get them out of trouble. However, the Doctor couldn't use this as an excuse; he was sure that all of his companions knew one emotion above all else through their travels with him; fear.

The Doctor wasn't by nature a glum man. He lived his life through excitement and adventure, adrenaline and enthusiasm. He traveled far and wide, operated under this nature because of his past and his present as a murderer, as a liar and as a fraud, and no one could convince him otherwise.
The Doctor hated himself, and it took the friends he corrupted to help him.
Pilot! Snow White

Thanks- A Doctor Who Series 1 Fanmix

 Series one of the new series gets a fanmix, yay!
A Doctor Who Series 1 Fanmix


1. Hashire by Momoiro Clover

Egao ga tomaranai! odoru kokoro tomaranai!
Ugokidasu yo kimi no moto he hashire! hashire! hashire!

My smiles can't stop! My dancing heart can't stop!
Starting to move! to your side I run! run! Run!

2. truth by Arashi
Tatoe wazuka na hikari umaretemo nageki wa kurikaesu 
Sore wa maru de uso no you ni kieru shinjitsu 
Tatoe saigo no hane wo hiraitemo sadame wa kaerarezu 
Yuri no hana wa hakanage ni itami wa kienai 
Yume nara ai shita mama de

Even if a little light appears, my grief keeps repeating
The truth disappears as if it never happened
Even if I spread my last wings, I can't change my fate 
The lily is transient, the pain won't go away 
In my dreams we’re still in love

3. Kodoku na Runner by SDN48
Don't stop!
sono iji miserunda
kodoku na RANNAA yo
doko ka de taorete mo
sugu ni okiagare!
sokode akirameta toki ni
subete ga owaru
Don't stop!
Show them that willpower
I'm a solitary runner 
Even if I collapse somewhere,
get up right away!
If I give up there,
everything will end!

4. Thanks by GAM
Watashi watashi watashi


hontou ni tabidatsu no ne



Konya arigatou
Mata aeru darou
Mata to inai tatta kono shunkan
Kutsu no himo wo
gyutto shimetara

Furimukazu susumu kara

I, I, I am really

beginning a journey



Thanks for tonight
We'll meet again, right?
This moment will never exist again
When I tightly tie
my shoelaces,

I'll go forward without looking back

5. Boku Dake no Value by AKB48's undergirls

    uchi no KURASU de ninkitouhyou shite mo
     joui ja nai
    benkyou to ka SUPOOTSU mo juu kurai de
    medatanai TAIPU


    dakedo naze ka
    zutto ki ni narun da yo
    sou doko ni ite mo...

    kimi ga ii
    donna sekaijuu no bijotachi yori
    kuraberarenai kurai
    kimi ga ii



    If we had a popularity election in our class
    You wouldn't rank in the top positions
    You're average at both school and sports
    You're the type that doesn't stand out

    But somehow
    I always think about you
    Wherever I am...

    I like you the most
    I can't even compare you
    To all the beautiful women in the world
    I like you the most


6. Say Yeah! Motto Miracle Night by Morning Musume

Say yeah! (Yeah!) 
Yume no tobira wa zettai! 
Baby! (Baby!) 
Jibun de hirakou! Mirakuru! 
Say yeah! (Yeah!) 
Yume wo shinjite zenshin! 
Fire! (Fire!) 
Motto chikazuku sa!

Say yeah! (Yeah!) 
Open the door to our dreams 
Baby! (Baby!) 
All by yourself! It’s a miracle! 
Say yeah! (Yeah!) 
Believe in your dreams and move forward! 
Fire! (Fire!) 
You’ll get closer!

7. Beginner by AKB48

Bokura wa yumemiteru ka?
Mirai wo shinjite iru ka?
Kowai mono shirazu minohodo shirazu
Muteppou na mama
Ima bokura wa yumemiteru ka?
Kodomo no you ni massarani...
Shihai sareta kusari wa hikichigirou

Are we dreaming?
Do we believe in the future?
With no fears, with no regard to our limits
Throwing caution to the wind
Are we dreaming now?
As newly as kids
Let’s pull off the chains that control us

8. Party ga Hajimaru yo by AKB48

Subete wo wasurete
Karada ugokashichae!
Saa tanoshimimashou!
Yoru wa korekara dayo!

Forget everything!
Move your body!
Well, let's have fun!
Tonight, from here on out!
Translation of 1 by me, others by kiwi-musume, sdn48.blogspot, stage48 and project hello
Pilot! Snow White

Death entry for Big Bang

Title: Death
Fandom: Torchwood
Character: Jack Harkness
Rating: PG-13 

Every time Jack Harkness died it got a little bit easier, but it was never fully easy. Jack Harkness had died a total of 2041 deaths in what would traditionally be called his lifetime (though he often thought he should find a better phrase) and counting.

The first time he woke up after being killed was a total shock. If he knew one thing about the daleks (who were still somewhat of a mystery) it was that they left  no survivors. It was do or die when it came to facing a dalek, and for most everyone it just happened to be die. But somehow he, very human Jack Harkness, had happened to escape certain death with only his wits about him, because everyone else seemed to be dead. 

The vortex manipulator strapped to his wrist gave out after only one trip, leaving him stranded. A heady fate, for a time traveler. A man from the 51st century, with its advanced morality and pheromones, and here he was, stuck. In the 19th century of all times. At least the trip got him to civilization and that he didn't have to worry about transportation from wherever he had landed.

The second time he woke after being killed, Jack was still stunned. He had been shot in a bar fight point blank, and there was no way anyone could have survived that. However, to the amazement of the crowd Jack stood up and punched out the other guy, blood still dripping down his forehead. After this, he knew that waking up after being killed by the daleks was no coincidence, and that he wasn't just immune to whatever was in the dalek death beams.
The third, fourth and fifth times that Jack Harkness woke up after dying were experiments.  Risky ones, to be sure, but Jack was nothing if not a risk taker. He was able to justify them in that he was already supposed to be dead twice, that dying for a third, fourth or fifth time wouldn't hurt. And sure enough, it didn't. No matter how, no matter the situation, it seemed to be that Jack Harkness could not die.
It was about ten years into what he considered the imprisonment of the 19th century that he noticed he wasn't aging. By then he had joined Torchwood in hunting down aliens in Cardiff for a living. There were times he disliked the work and the people, but it was the closest he could get to his home in the 51st century so he took what he could get. But as time passed he began to notice the people around him aging; people got wrinkles in places they hadn't been before, hair started to become more and more grey, and the people that lived long enough started to die of old age. Yet as the years went on, Jack could neither die nor age significantly.
2041 deaths later, Jack Harkness had not gotten used to the dying part. It was always painful, and was a terrible inconvenience, though not inconvenience enough that he stopped putting himself into the situations that caused his deaths. But even after the consistent deaths, and the search for the cure for his immortality, Jack Harkness still felt the most human instinct of them all; fear of death. Whenever he went down and all went black, he still felt the sharp pang of fear, wondering if now his time had run out. He had lived what could be considered multiple lifetimes, but when it came down to it Jack Harkness still felt fear.
Pilot! Snow White

Love- A Doctor/Rose Fanmix

 For the Love entry on the DocWhoLand Big Bang; I don't want to come off as only into DW for the shipping, because I'm very much not. But I do adore Rose as my favorite character, so...
A Doctor/Rose fanmix



1. Aoi Mirai by Watarirouka Hashiritai
Lyrics Song

aoku somare! kimi no mirai
yoru ga akete tsutzuku michi yo
kokoro no oku fuan wo tsukuru
sono kage wo terashite hoshii
aoku somare! kimi no mirai
miageta sora mabushi sugiru
itsuka kitto jibun no ashi de
chizu mo nai yakusoku no chi e

your future is dyed blue
clear out the night and continue this road
anxiety builds up inside your heart
i want you to brighten up that shadow
your future is dyed blue
look up to the sky that is so bright
for sure someday your feet will take you
towards the unscaled promised land

2. Sakuranbo by Otsuka Ai
Lyrics (http://www.kiwi-musume.com/lyrics/ootsukaai/lovepunch/sakuranbo.html)
Song (
Techou hiraku to mou ninen tatsu naa tte
Yappa jikkan suru ne nandaka teretari suru ne
Sou iya hidoi koto mo sareta shi
Hidoi koto mo yutta shi
Nakami ga ippai tsumatta amai amai mono desu (yay)
Egao saku kimi to tsunagattetai
Moshi ano mukou ni mieru mono ga aru nara
Ai shiau futari shiawase no sora
Tonari dooshi anata to atashi sakuranbo
When I open my notebook I see that two years have passed
When I realise that I feel a little shy
Yes, you’ve done some horrible things to me
And I’ve said some horrible things to you
There’s a lot packed into this sweet, sweet thing (yay)

Your smile blooms, I want to become one with you
If we can see something in the distance
A couple in love, a happy sky
Together forever, you and I are cherries

3. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) by Arcade Fire

You change all the lead
Sleeping in my head to gold
As the day grows dim
I hear you sing a golden hymn 
The song I've been trying to sing

Purify the colors, purify my mind
Purify the colors, purify my mind
And spread the ashes of the colors
4. Akogare no Popstar by AKB48 *


    ima no watashi
    douka shiteru
    sou yo honki de 
    koishita no

    kumo no ue no
    tooi sonzai
    tameiki ga dechau
    mabushii sono hohoemi

There’s something wrong
With me now
Yes, I’ve seriously
Fallen in love

You’re someone
So far and so high above me
I let out a sigh
For your dazzling smile
5. I See The Light - Tangled Soundtrack
And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you

6. Lu Lu Lu by GAM
Lyrics (http://projecthello.com/gam/lululu.html) Song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s44b-sJORnM)


Koukai dake wa shinai de ne
Juu nengo to ka ni


Un Dakedo
Mou inai
Saigo no saigo demo
Akkenakatta na

Mou nido to
Mou nido to

Aishiaenai no ne
But goodbye
Don't be filled with only regret, alright?
Ten years or so from now..

Yeah, but..
It's not here anymore
It's the end of the end
Yet it was too short

Never again
Never again
We won't be able to love each other, won't we
7. Okitegami by Fujimoto Miki
Lyrics (http://www.kiwi-musume.com/lyrics/fujimotomiki/okitegami.html) Song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIyEXSi9rTc)

Owatte shimatta totsuzen ni tsukue no ue ni okitegami

Genki de kurase to nagurigaki nante heta na jooku
Watashi omoikiri waratta wa namida wo nagashi nagara…



Hito ga mitereba okashi na futari ga
Otagai kizukazu ni aishiteta
Itsuka wa anata ga dete yuku kamo to
Kokoro no dokoka de osoreteita wa
Muri shite hashaideita keredo…

It ended suddenly with a note left on my desk
The words “I wish you well” scrawled on it, what a bad joke
I laughed my head off, crying at the same time...
We’d look odd to other people
But we loved each other unconsciously
A part of my heart was always afraid
That you’d leave one day
I did my best to have fun, but...

8. Meeting Place by The Last Shadow Puppets
Lyrics (http://www.lyricsmania.com/the_meeting_place_lyrics_last_shadow_puppets_the.html) Song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj0u2xkV8J0)

She clings to his consciousness,
Wherever he lays.
He struggles to sleep at night and during the day.
He's worried she's waiting in his dreams to drag him back to the meeting place.
His love had left him there.
Where her voice still echoes,

English translations by kiwi-musume, Stage 48 and Project Hello
* Yes, I included this mainly because it amused me; IMO the song would be Rose's POV, but it's about loving a pop star. Get it? I like to amuse myself.

Everything I put in this mix is VERY deliberate, so if you have questions as to why ask me! =D

Jun. 12th, 2011

Rose Tyler

Laughter- A Doctor Who fanfic

Title: Laughter
Rating: PG
Characters: Doctor, Donna
Summary: Donna tells The Doctor of a life that almost was

"No, no no no, Donna, you're putting me on!"

Laughter filled the console room of the TARDIS as The Doctor doubled over, unable to contain his laughter at Donna's dry humor. 

"No, I swear it's true! Maxine just looked right over at our boss and said it right to his face! It's a miracle she wasn't fired, but I think that he was so astounded by it all that he just had to give her the raise."

The two of them had been planning to go to a new planet. It was new to Donna, although The Doctor had already been there in the past with some friends some regenerations ago, and he knew that Donna would just love it, and os he told her as such with a story of his relationship with said planet. The two of them by the end of it were unable to control their laughter, and since Donna was not to be outdone, she ended up telling some of the varied stories from her experiences as a temp. 

"Donna, if I knew it was so hilarious to be a temp in Chiswick I would have taken a job with you myself?"

Donna finished her laughter with a soft sigh and smile. "Honestly, not that great. Great for stories, maybe, but it's not exactly a dream job, you know what I mean? Much rather be traveling with you than stuck in that office and living with my mum and granddad."

The Doctor smiled warmly, happy to receive such compliments from his companion. Occasionally (all right, more like every day) the Doctor and Donna would butt heads over one thing or another, but at the end of the day both of them knew that they would and could remain such good friends and ultimately be better off for it.

"I didn't always have being a temp in mind, you know; had a couple of other options," Donna said.

"Oh? Like what?"

"Back when I was younger I fancied myself to be a bit of a comic. I'd always tell stories to my classmates and the like, and everyone would always laugh and tell me I was hilarious."

"Ah HA! I knew you had to have a talent for that sort of thing; you seemed too good at telling your story. I doubt everyone could make the life of a temp the stuff of hilarity."

"Yeah, well, when I was growing up I always thought that some day I would be a comedian. I think I fancied the idea of making people laugh and getting paid for it."

The Doctor frowned slightly, looking at her. "So why weren't you a comedian? Why didn't I find you as Queen of Comedy Donna Noble?"

Donna smiled, looking down. "I like the sound of that. I don't know, I guess I just grew up. My mum told me that there was so little money in comedy and that I could be broke if I didn't make it, and the chances of that were high. So I just never went with that and stuck with being average old Donna Noble."

"Well I think you're brilliant, Donna Noble." The Doctor smiled, "And that someday in the future you would make a brilliant comic."

"Well, if I can sway an alien I sure as hell can sway the humans back home." Donna said with a wide grin.

"Well said!" The Doctor set up the coordinates and the two of them were off to their next adventure.

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